Stag Do Ideas in Kiev

Kiev is so much more than the city of churches, monasteries and iconic landmarks. It is not only a birthplace …

Kiev is so much more than the city of churches, monasteries and iconic landmarks. It is not only a birthplace of Vyshyvankas, borshch and varenyki. This city is also rich in debauchery, there is a plenty of bars and pubs, clubs and secret places that are just waiting to be discovered. We help you organise a great stag weekend in Kiev!


Limo ride

Take a ride in a limo with your friends to discover Kiev by night. Night Kiev is full of rhytm, action and drive. Kyiv is famous all over the world for its nightlife and beauty, which can be hardly expressed in words, until experienced by yourself. Dive into the shine of the skyscrapers above the Dnipro River, monumental “Mother-country”, Orthodox cathedrals and monasteries cupolas glittering with gold on the slopes of third longest river in Europe. Feel the big city life atmosphere, watching the colors of the various bridges changing and disappearing in the deep waters of the river. The magic show of night-lights seems to be eternal, Kyiv nights never become dark.


Night clubs

 Discover Kiev night life, go to a night club and immerse into cheerful atmosphere of dance and sound. Night Kyiv offers a number of unforgettable holiday opportunities for those who like to have fun, stay in atmosphere of action and dance and meet new people. A variety of music formats, quality sound, extravagant performances, parties featuring famous world stars and DJ-s, underground sets, bright show programs – all this and more can be found every night in numerous nightclubs and halls.



Stag party without some craziness is impossible. You have always dreamt of getting a tattoo? Just do it! Known for their professionalism and quality of work, Kiev tattoo artists will help you realize your dream – tattoo, a quintessence of your memory, passion and art.


Russka Banya

After such a Stag party you will probably be satisfied, but a bit tired. To recreate yourself and make your body ready to next adventures, visit Russka banya. Russka banya, the Slavic sauna type, is a popular place of recreation since the 11th century. It uses the wet steam and the tradition to slightly hit each other with “vinyky” – dried branches and leaves to improve the circulation. Take time to regenerate your body and mind.


Skeet Shooting

Stag party is for men. What can be more “male” than shooting? Skeet shooting is a competitive activity to master your shooting skills. By using shotguns, the participant break the clay targets that appear at a high speed and from different angles. Fun, sportive and convivial.

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