Weekend Events (24th – 25th November) – HURTS, Sunsay, Yoga, Flee Market

HURTS When: November 23, 19:00 Where: Stereo Plaza, просп. Lobanovsky, 119 How much: 1190-5499 UAH Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson …


When: November 23, 19:00

Where: Stereo Plaza, просп. Lobanovsky, 119

How much: 1190-5499 UAH

Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have long been favorites of the Ukrainian public. Their fourth album “Desire” was released in September. According to the musicians, this is the best they have ever done. It has the power, pain and lust. A few days ago, the synth-pop duo went on a large-scale tour in support of the new record – it started in Novosibirsk, and ends with a performance in Manchester in early December. Hurts will play not only new songs, but also hits  – “Wonderful Life”, “Better Than Love”, “Stay” and many others.



When: November 24, 19:00

Where: Good Wine, st. Mechnikova, 9

How much: admission free

On Friday, Good Wine will host a charity evening # 10okivzakohany. This evening will work all 10 zones, where you can try the biggest bottle of Taittinger in Ukraine, risotto with truffle paste in Parmesan, play a wine roulette, try useful desserts and smoothies with superfoods and much more. All collected funds will be sent to provide food for the children from the help center “City of Happy Children”, to help children with cancer in the “Tablotochki” fund, as well as to the fund for fighting breast cancer “Kvitna”.


When: November 24, 20:00

Where: Sentrum, st. Shota Rustaveli 11

How much: 350-900 UAH

The SunSay group celebrates the 10th anniversary of creative activity – in 2007 Andrei Zaporozhets presented the unreleased third album 5’nizza already with new musicians. During this time, there were 6 studio records, and each of them was something new – rock, melancholic indie pop, electronics, rhythmic funk and a light lounge. This evening they promise to remember the past and show something new to surprise the guests


When: November 24-26, 7:20 pm

Where: Vsi.Svoi, st. Desyatinnaya, 10

How much: free admission

This weekend, the project “Vsy.Svoy” holds a sale “Black Market”, which will be a real holiday for shoppers. You can find dresses, shoes, linens, accessories and even top clothes of the beloved Ukrainian brands at pleasant prices. A total of 250 Ukrainian brands participate in the market and offer discounts from 30% to 70%.


When: November 24, 10:00, November 25-26, 10:00

Where: International congress center “Ukrainian House”, st. Khreshchatyk, 2

How much: free admission

On Friday, the Ukrainian House starts a three-day festival of yoga, vegetarian culture and philosophy. Yoga Expo is a non-profit and one of the most ambitious events in Ukraine, the main idea of ​​which is the popularization of a healthy lifestyle and spiritual self-development. Among other things, it includes an exhibition, concert and educational programs for the whole family, as well as a festival of healthy food and healing dance. Lubko Deresh is responsible for the training zone with lectures and master classes. Within the Yoga Expo plan to set two records of Ukraine: bake a two-ton vegetarian cake and make a giant sweet wool.


When: November 25, 20:00

Where: Sentrum, st. Shota Rustaveli 11

How much: 350-550 UAH

Last time the musicians played an autumn concert in May. But now everything is on schedule – let the spring remain in the spring, and autumn in the autumn. Fans are waiting for the updated program, full immersion in the state of “here and now” and live electronic music with an admixture of word.

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