Weekend Events – December 8-10 – Max Cooper, TOYS, Bye, Vsi. Svoi: With a new look!

Max Cooper WHEN: Friday, December 8, 21:00 WHERE: Dovzhenko Center, Vasylkivska Street, 1 HOW MUCH: 350 UAH Briton Max Cooper …

Max Cooper

WHEN: Friday, December 8, 21:00

WHERE: Dovzhenko Center, Vasylkivska Street, 1


Briton Max Cooper – is not only a musician, but also a scientist. His experimental electronic music is supported by visual depiction of scientific phenomena. For example, in the album Emergence, he traced the path to the universe from the Big Bang. He illustrates this idea in recent video work for the song Resynthesis.


TOYS. Opening of the exhibition of Glory of Kryzhanovsky

WHEN: Opening – December 8, from 18:00 to 22:00

WHERE: Bereznitsky Aesthetics, Vozdvizhenska street, 34

HOW MUCH: free

At the Bereznitsky Aesthetics at Vozdvizhenka will be shown the first art project of the artist Slava Kryzhanov. “My body is my toy” – a key contribution of the artist’s work within the project. The author puts the shape of the human body in a non-standard color or texture. The work was created in a graphic editor and printed in a large format. At the opening, KOLOAH and Unkkut will play, the bar will work. The exhibition will last until December 29.

Alexis Benard

WHEN: Friday, December 8, 23:59

WHERE: Closer, street Nyzhnoyrkivska, 31

HOW MUCH: before 02:00 – 150 UAH, after 02:00 – 200 UAH

Alexis Benard – Music Producer from France. He is a resident of London’s Half Baked Party and Freak’s Chic in Paris. It is expected that the French will build his set in conjunction with the minimum and the dip-house.


Zhadan and Sobaky (Dogs)

WHEN: Friday, December 8, 20:00

WHERE: Sentrum, Shota Rustaveli street, 1

HOW MUCH: 250-800 UAH

“Rock musicians of the old tradition” return to Kyiv with a performance in Sentrum. Sergey Zhadan’s band will play in his main hits such as “Slam”.




WHEN: Saturday, December 9, 20:00

WHERE: Small Opera, street Degtyarivska, 5

HOW MUCH: 250-800 UAH

Concert trio Panivalkova, authors of the hit “Crazy Nikita”. On the project, the X-Factor group was remembered for their “lively lyrics” . Girl’s concert in Kiev will be the last in the Ukrainian tour. In addition, they present a new song entitled Cosmopolitque 

Vsi. Svoi: With a new look!

WHEN: Saturday, December 9, 10: 00-20: 00; Sunday 10 December, 10: 00-20: 00

WHERE: D12, Desyatnaya Street, 12

HOW MUCH: free

Organizers call this market a pre-holiday. 250 Ukrainian brands will prepare for the visitors clothes that can be dressed during the holiday period: in particular, dresses, shoes and hats.


YUKO, Dirty and Zapaska on the birthday site of Muzmapa

WHEN: Sunday, December 10, 19:00

WHERE: Mezzanine, Nizhny Novgorod street, 31


The Ukrainian music portal Muzmapa celebrates its third birthday. The site welcomes three duets – representatives of Masterskaya YUKO, the authors of “The Sun Comes” Dirty and more famous in Europe than in Ukraine Zapaska. The name of the secret guest, who hosts the DJ-set, is kept in secret.

Enjoy your weekend!


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