Mysteries, food and TV center celebration: last minute guide through Kyiv New Year parties

The thirty-first planet’s mystery in Closer The actual planet number 31 has long ago located itself at Nyzhnyoyurkivska str., 31. …

The thirty-first planet’s mystery in Closer

The actual planet number 31 has long ago located itself at Nyzhnyoyurkivska str., 31. And New Year is about to bring here quite a few mysteries. For example, here you’ll be able to find stickers with names of artists of both past and future parties. The present party itself will last for at least 24 hours. Spaсetravel, Edward, Timur Basha, Shakolin, Bambu, and Karine will play for you. It all will be long and awesome.

WHERE: Closer

WHAT TIME: 23:55


Teleport to the New Year

This party takes place at Kyiv Television Center (nicknamed ‘the pencil’). Enjoy Ukrainian electronic music by LemOjOvie, Morphom, Danielyan, Kulakostas, Polygrim, Hindu, Marsbeing. Here you’ll find cool 3D mapping and special effects. If you’re tired from dancing, you’ll be able to either go to the cinema room or have a meal at one of the six food courts. Ultimately traditional for Ukraine ‘Dressed herring’ and ‘Olivier salad’ will here stand together with pies, falafel, and other delicious things.

WHERE: Kyiv Television Center

WHAT TIME: 22:00


Atlas New Year

Traditionally Atlas hosts a big New Year party with ‘Pianoboy’ Dmitry Shurov as a lead. Other music you can enjoy there are ‘Kurgan and Agregat’ band, Vlad Fisun, Vladimir Sivash, Ksenia Palfy, Selecta and many others.

WHERE: Atlas

WHAT TIME: 22:00

HOW MUCH: 400-2000 UAH

New Year 2018 in Regenschirm

Cozy New Year at Podil with tangerines, New Year trees, Olivier salad, and champagne.   Deejay Astral, Youngg P, Fozz, and Vnuk will play here for you.

WHERE: Regenschirm‎

WHAT TIME: 20:00



Here is something for those ones who neither wants to stay at home, nor to go wild dancing. The secret bar at Shota Rustavelli street keeps up with the others on the New Year night, they will host a cocktail performance here and a musical show. The deposit will include New Year buffet, Prosecco, and cocktails.

WHERE:  De Bosch bar

WHAT TIME: 18:00

HOW MUCH: Deposit of 1500 UAH

Cosy New Year Party at Like a local’s wine bar

Both of the bars Like a local’s will host New Year Party. Here you’ll get music, fun, Olivier salad and obviously lots of wine. If you want to stay there permanently we recommend booking a table, as both places are tiny. But that’s also a great option to stop by and have a glass of wine before running to another party.  Booking fee includes some antipasti, main dish, Olivier salad plate and a couple of champagne glasses.

WHERE: Like a local’s wine bar

WHAT TIME: 22:00


Druzi New Year Party

All three Druzi restaurants are cozy and will go well for the family celebration. But of course, there will be music and dances until the morning. Santa and his elves will make their late visit there. The booking fee includes dishes from New Year Menu.

WHERE: Druzi cafe

WHAT TIME: 21:00


Good, always: New Year 2018

If you want a not so huge and fancy, but still loud and fun party, you can as well come here. Enjoy cocktails, food and 10 hours of non-stop music by Trepakov, Pledov, A.Katwon, Detcom, Andrew Dublinjah, Damaskin.

WHERE: “Good, always” bar

WHAT TIME: 22:00



The party mascot here will be the symbol of the coming year – a smiling dog. Listen to the main musicians of Mur Mur – Pavel Plastikk and Philipp Markovich. And of course, enjoy your food!

WHERE: Mur Mur

WHAT TIME: 22:00

HOW MUCH:  500-1000 UAH deposit

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