Jazz, bachata, ballpoint pen art and traditional Ukrainian Christmas: weekend events of January 6-7th

Christmas celebrations at ‘Kyiv Rus’ amusement park The biggest history-themed amusement park in Ukraine ‘Kyiv Rus Park’ invites you to …

Christmas celebrations at ‘Kyiv Rus’ amusement park

The biggest history-themed amusement park in Ukraine ‘Kyiv Rus Park’ invites you to its huge Christmas celebration events. Those include equestrian stunts, fireworks, and special effects. Fairy-tale heroes will make up a real Ukrainian ‘vertep’ (Christmas movable theatre), and some fortune teller will definitely be able to predict your future. Learn a few words from ancient Kyiv Rus language, try traditional kutya, grilled sausages, mulled wine and horse-reddish vodka. If this doesn’t warm you up enough, you can participate in traditional group round dancing.

WHEN: January 6-8
WHERE: ‘Kyiv Rus Park’, Kopachiv village
HOW MUCH: 50 – 150 UAH

’A4, ballpoint pen’ exhibit in ‘Karas’ gallery

The exhibit was established in 2006 as a one-time fun experiment. However, it got so popular, that managed to grow to one of most waited annual art projects in the city. During the 12 years of its existence, it gathered 4000 ballpoint pen drawings, and had 10 catalogues of works issued.

WHEN: Until February 28th, works Monday -Saturday 11 am to 7 pm
WHERE: ‘Karas’ gallery, Andriivskiy descent, 22-A

‘Yummy food fair’ at Manufactura Outlet Village

Professional confectioners will gather in one place to please the guest with their best handmade sweets and even teach them how to make ones. Christmas carols, twisting show, bubble show, sand animation and handmade goods market – there never can be too much fun when it comes to Christmas fair. Join it!

WHEN: January 6-8th, 12 pm – 6 pm
WHERE: Manufactura Outlet Village, Obukhiv highway, 2. Khodosivka village

Christmas program at St. Sophia

An ongoing market near the country’s main Christmas tree will have its enlarged program this weekend. You will be able to observe a traditional ‘star keepers walk’ and enjoy the Christmas concerts on the stage in the evenings.

WHEN: January 6-7th
WHERE: St. Sophia square

‘Pyrohiv museum’ Chrismas

An open-air ethnographical museum always runs a Christmas mass in its 270 years old st. Paraskeva’s church. If masses are not your thing, you can simply visit a huge carol singing and ‘vertep’ Chrismas theatre party. That also involves traditional Ukrainian Christmas ‘goat leading’ if you ever wondered what that is.

WHEN: January 7th
WHERE: ‘Pyrohiv’ ethnographic museum, Akademika Tronka str.

‘All Star Jazz’ Ray Charles music concert

‘HIT THE ROAD JACK!’ And many more favourite songs of the 50th musician, who basically changed the history of many genres of music. Ray Charles life path is a great example of struggles and overcoming, and his music is full of passion that never ages. Played by Ruslan Egorov quartet.

WHEN: January 7th, 19.00
WHERE: The Architect House, Boris Grinchenko str., 7
HOW MUCH: 225-400 UAH

Bachata Party #1 Christmas edition

If you feel like switching your cold winter mood to the rhythms of hot Dominican bachata, make sure to visit the second floor of the Bessarabskiy market on Sunday. Organized by Bachata Blanca, and partnered with Mambo dance Class, Bachata DC, Ravado Dance Studio, this evening promises a hot Christmas night!

WHEN: January 7th, 7 PM – 11 PM
WHERE: Jamoon, Bessarabska square, 2
HOW MUCH: To be confirmed

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