‘Vsi Svoi’ Market sale, Chocolate fest and Bob Marley’s birthday: despite the weather, this weekend in Kyiv will be hot!

The UTOPIA exhibit: Transformation of Ukrainian East This exhibit is the result of multidisciplinary research in culture, urbanism, and identities …

The UTOPIA exhibit: Transformation of Ukrainian East

This exhibit is the result of multidisciplinary research in culture, urbanism, and identities of the six cities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The research was carried out by Metamisto team. The participants created new architectural forms in the cities, studied places’ history and identities, and created their art-interventions based on the results. You are invited to see the exhibition of this work and reflect on the past and the future of Ukrainian post-conflict East.

WHEN: Feb 8th – Mar 11th, 10AM – 8PM daily

WHERE: IZONE space, Naberezhno-Luhova str., 8


Cultural Variance

This event is on the bright side of House and Techno music. Here you will hear Ukrainian ethnic motives and throbbing African drums. The 5-hours set by  Local Coach b2b Serf Sasha will bring up the sound of Tropics that calls to the wild nature inside everyone of us.

WHEN: Fri, Feb 9th, 11PM – Sat, Feb 10th, 5AM

WHERE: ‘The House’, Sagaydachnogo str., 10/5

HOW MUCH: Donation

‘VSI SVOI’ Big Sales

This weekend is a great time to stock up your closet for the next winter! ‘Vsi Svoi’ is back with a great WINTER SALE. The prices for best locally made clothes, shoes and accessories will drop up to 70%. Don’t forget to get there some good Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones.

WHEN: Feb 10-11th

WHERE: Desyatynna str., 12


Family Chocolate Fest at Manufactura

Prior to St. Valentine’s day, Manufactura Outlet Village and Kartata Potata Studio decided to organize a grand Family Chocolate Fest. In a mini culinary museum, settled particularly for the fest, you will have a chance to try real cocoa beans, to learn a lot about chocolate, salt and various herbs used to make it. Interesting lectures and multiple degustations – there will be plenty of things to do for both kids and adults!

WHEN: Feb 10-11th, 12 – 6PM

WHERE: Manufactura Outlet Village, Obukhiv Highway, 2 (Khodosivka village)


‘50 Shades of Victor Zaretski’ Exhibit

Viktor Zaretski is a world known Kyiv painter of the 20th century, who worked in expressive art genre. He is often compared to Gustav Klimt. Each of his works has its character. Whether it’s a dramatic autumn anxiety or quiet winter calmness; happy colorful garden with music and dances or a lonely figure – you will surely be impressed.

WHEN: Feb 8th – Mar 1st

WHERE: Kyiv History Museum, Bogdan Khmelnitskiy str., 7


Reggae Festival for Bob Marley’s Birthday

A Reggae musician from Kingston, FITTA WARRI, will bring a real Jamaican spirit to this fest. FITTA WARRI is a great Bobo Ashanti warrior, and Bob Marley’s follower. This is his first time to Kyiv, and it amazingly falls on a weekend after Reggae King’s  Birthday! Don’t miss it.

WHEN: Sat, Feb 10th, 9PM – Sun, Feb 11th, 6AM

WHERE: ‘Warm Lamp’ club, Glybochytska str., 72

HOW MUCH: 200-350 UAH

Ryuseki Morimoto Calligraphy Exhibition

An impressive Japanese Calligraphy artist passed away just two months ago and left after himself a great cultural heritage of own works. ‘Shodo’ or ‘the Way of Writing’ was a lifetime vocation of Ryuseki Morimoto. His works, both ornamental and constructive, are full of mystery and perfection. This weekend is the last chance for you to see it in Kyiv.

WHEN: until Feb 11th, daily 10.30AM – 5.30PM

WHERE: Tereshchenkivska str., 17


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