Love, babies, pancakes, and Chinese New Year: things to do in Kyiv on February 16-18

‘Several stories’ Exhibition Dedicated to St. Valentine’s day, the art space in TSUM opened an exhibit of world known illustrator …

‘Several stories’ Exhibition

Dedicated to St. Valentine’s day, the art space in TSUM opened an exhibit of world known illustrator club Pictoric works. ‘Several stories’ tell their spectators a few dramatic stories about love, friendship and life difficulties that happen with each of us. The exhibition contains illustrations, posters, and installations created by the authors from Ukraine, Poland, France, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Chile, Iran, and Hungary.

WHEN: Feb 13-18th

WHERE: TSUM, Khreschatyk str., 38


Chinese New Year Party 2018

Ready for the Lunar New Year? Prepare to celebrate with dragon and lion fights and Chinese dancers!  Listen to DJ set from BPM ORCHESTRA and SHALI, and give a taste to sophisticated Chinese cuisine and Asian cocktails.

WHEN: Sat, Feb 16th, 8PM-2AM

WHERE: BAO, Modern Chinese Cuisine. Mechnikova Str., 14

HOW MUCH: Entrance Free, food and drinks according to the menu prices, table reservation required

Pancake Festival at Manufactura

Did you know that Ukrainians have such a thing as ‘Butter Week’? This week, and especially on the weekend you are supposed to eat a looooot of Ukrainian pancakes, which are thin like French crepes, but much more sweet and buttery. And, honestly, very delicious. Manufactura Outlet Village invites you to celebrate the Butter Fest with them. Various craft workshops and live Ethno-bands shows will entertain you while you try the most delicious pancakes, each of them symbolizing the warmth of the Sun.

WHEN: Sat-Sun, Feb 17-18th, 12-6PM

WHERE: Manufactura Outlet Village, Obukhiv Highway, 2 (Khodosivka village)


Short Movies about Love

Very touching movies about both mutual and unrequited love. Kind, fun and inspiring stories will motivate you to open your heart and give you awesome emotions. Films aired in original (mostly English) with Ukrainian subtitles. Tickets can be purchased here.  

WHEN:  Feb 8-21st

WHERE: ‘Zhovten’ cinema, Kostyantynivska str., 26

HOW MUCH: 50-100 UAH

‘Vsi Svoi’ Market. Babies

This weekend the most famous market of Ukrainian made goods is dedicated to the youngest people (aged 0 to 3). Clothing and toys for babies, nursery decorations and many more. Here you will also have a chance to listen to professional lectures on baby upbringing and buy some clothing, toys, and goods for your older kids.

WHEN: Feb 17-18th

WHERE:  Desyatynna str., 12


Hot Pancake Fest at VDNH

‘Butter week’ celebrations is the keynote of this weekend. And it’s understandable because it’s our ultimate way to say bye to winter and welcome spring! Taste pancakes and learn more about Ukrainian thousands of years old traditions on the Fest in VDNH. Here they will burn the ‘Winter Scarecrow,’ sing, dance and obviously, eat pancakes!

WHEN: Feb 17-18th

WHERE: VDNH, Akademika Glushkova ave., 1


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