Creativity beats winter – visual art, music, dancing and IT hackathon in the last February weekend in Kyiv

‘Clinical Picture’ at ‘Karas’ Gallery An exhibit of the works of Ukrainian artist and curator, Andrii Sydorenko. In this works, …

‘Clinical Picture’ at ‘Karas’ Gallery

An exhibit of the works of Ukrainian artist and curator, Andrii Sydorenko. In this works, Andrii decided to research mind viruses. He uses striking colors, illustrative surrealism and his natural sense of humor. Sydorenko insists that such kinds of ‘laboratory work’ helps to create sort of mind vaccine, essential in our post-truth era.

WHEN: opening Fri, Feb 23rd, 7-9PM; works Mon-Sat, 11AM-7PM

WHERE: ‘KARAS’ Gallery, Andriivskiy descent, 22a


Billie Holiday songs  by Urban Gypsy

This Friday Kyiv band Urban Gypsy will sing the most famous songs of Billie Holiday in the jazz-manouche arrangement. Jazz-manouche (or ‘gypsy jazz’) is the style that combines jazz rhythms of 1930-40th with ethnic gypsy motives. Enjoy ‘Lady that sings the blues’ artistic heritage with a new and unique touch of Kyiv artists.

WHEN: Fri, Feb 23rd, 7 PM

WHERE: Marco Concert, Borysa Hrinchenka St, 7

HOW MUCH: 225 – 450 UAH

James Kepper’s Artist talk at IZONE

British artist James Kepper will talk about mobile sculptures creation, from his own experience. This type of art requires the combination of engineering and sketching. James is a world-recognized artist who presently stays in Kyiv in IZONE artistic residence. One of his main focus of studies in Ukraine is Kyiv’s postindustrial locations.

WHEN: Sat, Feb 24th, 3-5 PM

WHERE: IZONE,  Nabezhno-Luhova str., 8


Data Science Hackathon

Here you have a real chance to show your technical skills at the IT hackathon without subjective judging, and even try to win some substantial prize! 30 hours of teamwork and coding, actual data and real challenges. To participate in IT hackathon, please apply here

WHEN: Feb 24-25th

WHERE: Yaroslavskiy lane ⅓

HOW MUCH: Free, 60 participants are selected based on their applications

‘Art Winter Contemporary’ at M17

The third part of the ART SEASONS festival is happening in M17 this week.  ‘Art Winter Contemporary’ is aiming to perform works of Ukrainian artists of different specializations and different regions. Those art pieces show how interdisciplinary and global contemporary art is, and at the same time point out special features that are inherent to Ukrainian art only.

WHEN: Until Feb 27th, 11 AM-8 PM

WHERE: M17 Contemporary Art Center, Antonovycha str., 102-104


Parental Advisory at ‘Closer’

‘Parental Advisory’ already became traditional at ‘Closer,’ but this time the club is even more excited to host two Italian musicians – DJ Octopus and Steve Murphy. Both were born in a small town not far from Venice, and both like to relate themselves with ‘The Sound of Brenta’ artistic movement. Enjoy hot contemporary Italian arrangements on the last winter weekend!

WHEN: Sun, Feb 24th, midnight – 9 AM

WHERE: ‘Closer,’ Nyzhnyoyurkivska str., 31

HOW MUCH: 250-330 UAH

Contemporary Weekend by Totem Dance

Get yourself into the dancing mode! Two days of intense workshops on contemporary, modern jazz, and improvisation. Both for children and adults, for beginners and professionals. Great opportunity to learn new skills, meet professionals and get a massive dose of motivation for your future dancing development. Registration is required here

WHEN: Feb 24-25th, 9 AM-10 PM

WHERE: Totem Dance, Kurenivska str., 18

HOW MUCH: 1000 – 1700 UAH

I, CLAUDE MONET. Exhibition on screen

Beloved Claude Monet will be opened to us from a new angle. The exhibition on screen directed by Phil Grabsky creates a unique portrayal of the artist and his life, full of loneliness, depression and saving creativity. In original with Ukrainian subtitles.

WHEN: Sun, Feb 25th, 3 PM

WHERE: Kyiv Cinema, Velyka Vasylkivska St., 19


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