Tulips, Da Vinci, and Centaurs show: things to do in Kyiv on a long weekend Apr 27 – May 1

Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF2018) Short films show life as it is. Independent movie, that isn’t under some political …

Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF2018)

Short films show life as it is. Independent movie, that isn’t under some political or commercial influence talks about real issues and current trends. With a short film, you can feel all spectrums of emotions such as shock, excitement, disgusts and inspiration. Although the ‘Ukraine’ cinema will be the main stage of this event, the open air screening will be held in the most unexpected places, and the Media Art School will host the workshops. You can get more information and by Festival passes here.

WHEN: Apr 25-29, 8 PM – 12 AM
WHERE: ‘Ukraine’ cinema, Gorodetskogo str., 5 and other locations

Tulip show ‘Around the World’

Seasonal flower shows at the ‘Singing field’ aren’t new for Kyiv. However, this year spring event will impress with its scale and professionalism. Here you will see 3700 sq.meters of different installations on various themes, mobile amusement park, and handmade fair. Here you’ll be able to travel to the remotest corners of the world, without even leaving the city.

WHEN: Apr 27- May 27, 10 AM – 9 PM
WHERE: the ‘ New Singing field’, Lavrska str. 33

Experience Da Vinci

This weekend is your last chance to see ‘Experience Da Vinci’ – the world’s largest mobile exhibition that opens all angles of the personality of the world known genius. Da Vinci lived centuries ago, but his architectural, sculptural, artistic, writing and scientific works still shock and impress people all over the world. Da Vinci’s ideas are known thanks to his diaries. Based on them, the exhibit shows the installations of his works that were never implemented in life.

WHEN: Until Mon, Apr 30th, 12-7 PM
WHERE: VDNH, Glushkova str., 1
HOW MUCH: 140-200

Virsky Dancing Ensemble Concert

More than 100 members of this ensemble have proven to the world that Ukrainian traditional dance is more than impressive. This weekend you have a chance to see this world-class show of incredible movements and dynamics. Enjoy both old and contemporary Ukrainian dances from all the regions of the country.

WHEN: Sat., Apr 28, 6-8 PM
WHERE: ‘Ukraine’ palace, Velyka Vasylkivska str., 103
HOW MUCH: 100 – 1000 UAH

‘Centaurs’ show

Ukrainian equestrian stuntmen are so professional that you can almost call them centaurs. For seven years now the ‘Kyiv Rus’ park shows the visitors the incredible equestrian show that usually only can be seen in the movies. The event will also have good old Slavic food and the fire show in the end.

WHEN: Apr 28-29, 12 PM
WHERE: ‘Kyiv Rus’ park, Kopachiv village
HOW MUCH: 50-250 UAH

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