Giant Flower Show, Movie Nights, Ice Cream Workshop and ‘The Roads of Friendship’ – things to do in Kyiv on June 29- July 1

Cream Soda Concert Cream Soda’s music is shining disco, filled with the vibes of youth and happiness, wild house, hot …

Cream Soda Concert

Cream Soda’s music is shining disco, filled with the vibes of youth and happiness, wild house, hot funk and cold indie-pop in any  proportions. Create your best summer memories here!

WHEN: Sat, June 29, 6 PM

WHERE: ‘The Southern Shore of Kyiv’ cafe, Trukhaniv island

HOW MUCH: from 200 UAH

French Movie Novelties Night

During long summer nights let’s watch some French comedies, that can’t be compared with anything with all their humor, heroes, places, relationship and emotions. There will be four unforgettable movies in the program.

WHEN: June 30, 10.30 PM – 6 AM

WHERE: ‘Kinopanorama,’ Shota Rustavelly str., 19


Ice Cream Workshop

This summer Saturday is a time for something creative, delicious and cold. We recommend you the Ice Cream Workshop from Massimo Gelarty to learn how to make ice cream from scratch: from eggs, milk, and cream. You will be able to eat everything you’ve made and bring the recipe with you!

WHEN: Sat, June 30, 11 AM – 1 PM

WHERE: ‘Gelarty’ in LAVINA MALL, Berkovetska str., 6D


Ukrainian Short Movie Fest

The primary purpose of this festival is to support Ukrainian Cinematography. It is a very short event that only lasts for one night. All the screenings take place under the open sky.

WHEN: June 30 – July 1



The world of Giants

This time the Flower Show at the Singing Field will be huge. Here you will find ordinary objects that we use in daily life, like a lipstick, a shoe, an artist palette, in large sizes!  Local landscape designers used more than 200 thousands flowers to create these masterpieces. Besides the flower show, in this park, you’re able to attend kids attractions, handmade goods fair and the open cinema. Imagine how this show matches beautiful Lavra domes on the horizon!

WHEN: June 28 – July 1, from 9 AM

WHERE: The Singing Field, Lavska str., 33


Cinematic Symphony Orchestra Show

The City Planetarium never stops to impress. This time you can go on space travel accompanied by the sounds of orchestral music and electronic beats. Enjoy the Harmony of the Spheres with the help of famous European band, Eclectic Sound Orchestra.

WHEN: Today, June 29th, 7.30 PM

WHERE: the City Planetarium, Velyka Vasylkivska str. 57/3

HOW MUCH: 150-350 UAH

The Roads of Friendship

“The Roads of Friendship” is a unique project by Maestro Riccardo Muti, one of the world most legendary orchestra conductor. It is the first time for this show to come to Kyiv. Originally the show was played 20 years ago in  Sarajevo, that was still suffering from bombing. Enjoy this compelling musical masterpiece.

WHEN: Sun, July 1, 9 PM

WHERE: St. Sophia Sq.

HOW MUCH: 100-3000 UAH

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