Dinossauros Alive, Animation Festival, and Book Flea Market: things to do in Kyiv on September 8-9

Dinossauros Alive Regardless of how old you are, we bet you dream to see a dinosaur. The famous Dinossauros Alive …

Dinossauros Alive

Regardless of how old you are, we bet you dream to see a dinosaur. The famous Dinossauros Alive exhibit is now in Kyiv! Great Argentinian paleontologist Sebastian Apesteguia created 24 figures of dinosaurs of a real scale, real colors and textures, that can also move and make appropriate sounds. Could you ever imagine something as cool as that? Don’t waste your time, go grab a ticket here and get to this fantastic Jurassic world.

WHEN: Sep 2 – Oct 15

WHERE: VDNH, Akademika Glushkova str., 1

HOW MUCH: 110 – 500 UAH

Literature Kurazh Bazaar

You don’t have to go far from the dinosaurs to find another type of entertainment. This autumn the famous flea market not only moves to a different location but also steps away from clothes and gives room for books. Here you will find plenty of old and new books, audio and paper ones. Also, you’ll be able to attend book presentations, lectures, and readings. The musical part of this event will be dedicated to jazz and the classics. One-third of every ticket price goes to charity: the event aims to collect money for the restoration of the musical school in Zolotonosha that was damaged by the fire. If all the jazz and old books put you on romantic mood, feel free to finish the evening with our Ukrainian Wine Tasting.

WHEN: Sep 8-9

WHERE: VDNH, Akademika Glushkova str., 1



This whole week the IZONE space hosts the biggest Ukrainian animation festival LINOLEUM. It showcases the works of both Ukrainian and foreign animation artists, dedicated to various themes: from social issues to surrealistic fantasies. Saturday and Sunday will be the critical days to determine the winners. Multiple animation workshops will make your experience even more fun.

WHEN: Sep 7-9, 12-11 PM

WHERE: IZONE, Naberezhno-Luhova str., 8


Cheeese Market

The first VSI SVOI market of the autumn will be irresistibly delicious. Even the most sophisticated gourmet will be able to find a cheese of his own: hard, soft, blue cheese, goat cheese and many more. Add to this best Ukrainian meat, sauces, sweets, and wine, and be sure you’ll have a fantastic day. If all these appetizers make you really hungry for some big home meal, we invite you to our Eat With a Local Tour.

WHEN: Sep 8-9

WHERE: Desyatynna 12


Kyiv Flower Market. Essential Way

The annual Kyiv Flower Market will take place this weekend. Mindfulness will be a keynote to this year one. As usual, the guests will be able to buy plants and flowers of different types, but this time they will also have a chance to learn more about eco way of living and mindful consumption from the prominent activists, entrepreneurs, and journalists.

WHEN: Sep 8-9, from 11 AM

WHERE: Velyka Vasylkivska 100


Rosh Hashanah

This Sunday night the new moon symbolizes the beginning of Hebrew year 5779. The symbolic meals for Rosh Hashanah usually include fish, apples, honey, and pomegranate. If in this special time of the year you wish to learn more about the rich Jewish history of Kyiv, welcome to our Jewish Heritage Tour.

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