Enrique Iglesias Live, International Bar Show, Old Car Land and many other things to do in Kyiv on the last weekend of September

Enrique Iglesias LIVE! This is the first time for Enrique Iglesias to have a concert in Ukraine! The singer’s team prepared …

Enrique Iglesias LIVE!

This is the first time for Enrique Iglesias to have a concert in Ukraine! The singer’s team prepared an incredible show for Ukrainian audience. Besides singing the old beloved romantic songs Enrique Iglesias will please the fans with something new! You can look for the tickets here

WHEN: Sun, Sep 30, 6 PM

WHERE: National Olympic Stadium, Velyka Vasylkivska str., 55

HOW MUCH: 1600-2500 UAH

BAROMETER — International Bar Show

BAROMETER is a three day festival of the professionals of cocktail art. Barmen from the US and the 24 countries of Europe will show their skills, and let the guests taste their masterpieces. The theme of the show is ‘The Boundaries of the Cocktail Culture’. When can you cross the line, and when it’s totally forbidden? Do not forget that regardless of the event, you can always tap into cozy Ukrainian bar culture with our Bar Crawl Tour.

WHEN: Sep 28-30, from noon

WHERE: ‘Parkovyi’ Exhibition hall, Parkova str., 16a

HOW MUCH: 250-1800 UAH


Old Car Land is a huge annual retro-cars show. Here you will find more than 1000 showpieces. This will include Soviet ones: ZIS, ZIM, ZIL, GAZ. And the beloved world-known models: Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, Ford, Cadillac. The oldest cars on the show are about 80 years old, some of them are one of their kind. The food court and many other activities will make this day even more fun.

WHEN: Sep 28-30, from 9 AM

WHERE: VDNH, Akademika Hlushkova str., 1


Borjomi Fest

This huge Georgian fest will help you to fell in love with the country. More than 40 counters with delicious Georgian food, Georgian singers and dancers will make this weekend unforgettable. Take a VR tour in one of the cities in Georgia! Meanwhile, let your kid play a doctor or a policeman in a ‘Profession Town’ for children.

WHEN: Sep 29-30, from 11 AM

WHERE: Hryshko Botanical Garden, Tymyryazevska str., 1

HOW MUCH: the event is free, Botanical Garden entrance fee – 20-50 UAH

Animal Rights March

The activists of the march demand to forbid animal cruelty: using animals in circuses and dolphinariums. They also stand against animal testing, fur farms, and euthanasia for street dogs. Activists fight for the opening of the rehabilitation centers for animals who suffered from humans. Moreover, they suggest implementing zoo police and the system of punishment for cruelty against animals.

WHEN: Sun, Sep 30, noon

WHERE:  Taras Shevchenko Park


Educational Festival ‘Arsenal of Ideas’

This week, the Art Arsenal turned into a creative space. It combines creativity and scientific innovations and will be fun for both kids and adults. The participants will be able to demonstrate their art and educational projects.

WHEN: Sep 26-30, 11 AM – 8 PM

WHERE: Art Arsenal, Lavrska 12

HOW MUCH: from 50 UAH

Zhovten Fest

Wondering what is Zhovten? That’s how we call October in Ukrainian! So Zhovten Fest is simply a local name for the Oktoberfest. During this craft beer event, Ukrainian brewers will present hundreds of types of beer, including lavender, blueberry, ginger, and even nettles beer!  And of course, there will be lots of food, snacks, and music! Remember, that if you’re a great beer fan, you always can visit Obolon Brewery with us!

WHEN: Sep 29-30, from noon

WHERE: Kyiv Expoplaza, Salutna str., 2b

HOW MUCH: from 175 UAH

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