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ChugaiDuo consists of two talented musicians and brothers. Oleksandr and Andrii were born and grew up in Ukraine. Here they …

ChugaiDuo consists of two talented musicians and brothers. Oleksandr and Andrii were born and grew up in Ukraine. Here they got their education and made their first career steps in classical music. Andrii Chugai is the first violin tutti of the Luxembourg Philarmonie, Oleksandr is a piano professor in college in Kreuzlingen and artistic director of music festival Musiktage Dornegg, Switzerland. The brothers shared their inspiration and passion with us.  

About the choice of path

Oleksandr: I think the fact that our parents are musicians highly influenced our choice of profession. From the early childhood, we were introduced to the music. Although the path was tough, I realized that playing the piano is what brings me pleasure, truly my thing. All the records I’ve listened to, all the concerts and contests I’ve been to, left quite an impression in my head and influenced my decision to stay in the world of music and art.

About the influence of the classical music

Andrii: I think people of different age listen to different music. When you’re young you go for active and open rhythms. Classical music demands your concentration, inner calmness, and attention. Only by constant attending of ‘good’ concerts, and listening to classical music records you can discover new ways of delight. This is not the music that you can listen during cooking or working out. The best way to enjoy it is by closing your eyes, listening to the composition from the first to the last note. That way you can try to understand the messages from both the author and the performer.

Our concerts are mostly attended by people in their 50s or older. However, we’re always happy to see young people there. We try to inspire them with the modest passion and emotional depth.

About the duet

Andrii: We don’t only look at our duet from the professional perspective, it helps our personal development as well… Thanks to the duet we communicate with each other more often and discover new repertoire. We network with musicians and people of art, attend concerts, grow as personalities. Investing in ChugaiDuo, we not only invest in our career, but also in our family relationship. When you spend time with the person who you’ve known your whole life, you enjoy how some things are just understood without saying.

About the perspectives of Ukrainian musicians

Oleksandr: It’s hard for me to judge the situation in Ukraine at the moment because for the last 12 years I’ve been living in Switzerland. I think that due to the musician education traditions, Ukrainian musicians have a chance to concentrate on what’s important. They have an opportunity to master their skills for concerts and music competitions.

I believe, that thanks to the global communication and internet it is much more easier to represent yourself in musician world that it was in my time.

Advice to young musicians

Oleksandr: I would advise being goal oriented and ready to learn till the end of your career or even life. Any musician or other creative personality that stops with whatever they already achieved, quickly lose what was already accomplished. Also, I wish a lot of inspiration and luck on your path.

About the future goals  

Andrii: Our future goals are to record our first professional CD and give concerts in the biggest concert halls of Europe and worldwide. We strive to always move forward.

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