Alcohol Market, Photo Art Fair, and Metallica Cover Show: things to do in Kyiv on the first weekend of November

Alcohol Market: the best event of Vsi Svoi The event will gather the best Ukrainian alcohol makers. At the Alcohol Market …

Alcohol Market: the best event of Vsi Svoi

The event will gather the best Ukrainian alcohol makers. At the Alcohol Market you’ll be able to taste wine, beer, craft vodka-based drink, and many other delicious alcoholic things. Of course, there will be lots of matching food: cheese, meat, sweets and many more. Don’t forget you always can refresh your alcohol knowledge with our Cocktail Master Class.

WHEN: Nov 3-4, 10 AM – 8 PM
WHERE: Desyatynna str., 12
HOW MUCH: free

Street Food Fest. House Party

What a better way to spend your cold November day, than having some mulled wine at a cozy house party? Ulichnaya Eda will transform its space into an actual house with the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The playlist will include old stuff like Hotel California, Wind of Change and Super Mario. As for food, you’ll be able to enjoy homestyle cakes, Belgian potato with hot cheese sauce and many other good things.

WHEN: Sat, Nov 3, from 11 AM
WHERE: Bilomorska str, 1

Photo Kyiv Art Fair

This Art Fair will help you to see the original photography aesthetic. More than 100 photographers from different countries will exhibit their works here. Among the most famous one will be Japanese philosophical photographer Masao Yamamoto, and Michael Kenna, known for his black and white art. The tickets can be purchased here.

WHEN: Nov 1-4 from 12 PM
WHERE: Chicago Central House, Antonovycha str., 44
HOW MUCH: 100 – 200 UAH

Metallica Cover Show with Symphonic Orchestra

Listen to Seek & Destroy, Whiskey in the jar, Halo on Fair and many other famous Metallica songs in the symphonic cover! A whole group of talented composers worked to make this music as close to the original, as possible, and give it a new touch at the same time. The tickets can be purchased here.

WHEN: Sat, Nov 3, 7 PM

WHERE: ‘Zhovtnevyi palace’, Heaven Hundred Alley, 1
HOW MUCH: 190-1250 UAH

Archery tournament. Scythians 2

Scythians lived on the territory of contemporary Ukraine millennials ago, however, we still cherish their heritage. This archery tournament will have professionals from all over the world and will show you incredible tricks in archery you haven’t seen before. Equestrian stunts will make the event even more memorable. If it inspires you to learn more about Ukrainian history, welcome to our Kyiv Driving City Tour  or Kyiv Walking City Tour.

WHEN: November 3-4
WHERE: Kyiv Rus Park, Kopachiv village

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