Why should you visit Ukraine during this winter holidays?

In Ukraine Advent comes later, but the holidays last longer! Not only Ukraine has unique New Year traditions, but also …

In Ukraine Advent comes later, but the holidays last longer! Not only Ukraine has unique New Year traditions, but also officially celebrates Christmas twice a year! How cool is that? Want to try something new on the last week December? Want to continue celebrating in January while everywhere in Western Europe is already dead and boring? You should come here.


Kontraktova Square

On the 15th of December at 5 PM Sahaydachnogo street will host a parade of orchestras. This Parade will open the Christmas fair and the celebrations in Kyiv in general. On January 7th you can join Big Christmas Fest at Kontraktova Square with many different entertainments, including the Residency of Saint Nicolas.

WHEN: Dec 15 – Jan 15

WHERE: Kontraktova Square & Sahaydachnogo street


St. Sophia Square

In Ukraine, we celebrate St. Nicolas day on December 19th. On this day this year, the main country Christmas tree will be lighted up at Saint Sophia square. More than 1000 decorations will surely make this tree look awesome.

For the first time this year, near the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi monument, you can ride a train of wishes ‘Polar Express’. Volodymyrska street will be illuminated.

WHEN: Dec 19 – Jan 15

WHERE: St. Sophia Square  & Volodymyrska street


The Citrus Kingdom

Tangerines and oranges are favorite fruits of Ukrainians when it comes to New Year celebration. This fact inspired the organizers of ‘Citrus Kingdom’ at the Singing Field. The place will have 10 fairytale castles made out of citrus fruits. The exhibition will be opened on the 21st of December.

WHEN: Dec 21 – Jan 15

WHERE: the Singing Field, Lavrska str., 33

HOW MUCH: 75 – 100 UAH

The Winter Land

The Winter Land at VDNH hosted about half million visitors last year! This year, in addition to the annual Christmas Fair, Santa residency, and a huge ice-skating rink, you will find lots of new and unique things to do.

The event is inspired by the spirit of traditional Ukrainian Christmas. One of the traditional holiday symbols here are little straw ‘spiders’ that protect your house from the evil spirits. The guests will be able to learn how to make them during the workshops.

Other workshops will teach you how to make Christmas tree decorations, and the little piglet family will remind you, what is the 2019 symbol, according to the Eastern horoscopes. Don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can at the ‘enchanted forest’ photo zone!

For those who love ice, there is an Ice Sculpture Castle, and Ice Age exhibition. Enjoy Ukrainian mythical figures made from ice, and learn about the animals who lived on our planet 10000 years ago! The Winter Land will last for the whole three months of winter.

WHEN: Dec 8 – Mar 10

WHERE: VDNH, Akademika Hlushkova str., 1

HOW MUCH: up to 380 UAH

New Year Fairy Tale at Kyiv Rus Park

If you want to dig deeper into Ukrainian winter holidays traditions, Kyiv Rus theme park is for you. Have an amazing New Year night with horse riding, and Medieval alcohol tastings! And, of course, fireworks are best seen, when you’re out of town and out of the crowd. Mulled wine, hot sausages, and bbq on an open fire will add to the festive mood.

On the Orthodox Christmas Eve (January 6), see the actual Nativity scene that tells about the eternal fight between good and evil, where good always wins. After the scene, learn some Ukrainian carols (including the world known ‘Shchedryk’) at the workshop.

WHEN: Dec 19 – Jan 15

WHERE: Kopachiv village, Kyiv Rus park

HOW MUCH: 50 – 150 UAH


Want your holidays by the sea? Go to Odesa! Lots of people in Odesa spend the New Year Eve at the Dumska square. Here you will find the beautiful tree and lights, firework and shows. Odesa is the Ukrainian capital of humor so a lot of fun contests and events will keep the mood on a fun wave. On the market at Derybasovska str., you can find some good drinks and food and take amazing pictures.

On Ukrainian Christmas Eve and Christmas (January 6-7) visit the City Park. Here you can see the Nativity scene, and try local traditional Christmas food and drinks: kutya, uzvar, and kalachi.

WHEN: Dec 31, Jan 6-7

WHERE: Dumska sq., Derybasovska str., City Park



Lviv is probably the best city for winter holidays in Ukraine. The Christmas Fair here stretches throw the whole central street (Svobody avenue), with a huge tree near the Opera theatre. Try amazing Western Ukrainian delicacies: doughnuts, dumplings and much more! Drink mulled wine, and buy some souvenirs from the local artists.

New Year and Christmas in Lviv are not only about the amazing food and snow games but also about great open-air musical festivals. Also, we recommend to have a ride at a huge ice-skating rink at the Rynok square and have an amazing winter city view from the Townhall.

WHEN: Dec 19 – Jan 15

WHERE: Svobody Ave., Rynok sq.



The holidays will start in Chernivtsi on December 10th with the lighting up of a huge tree. This year it will have some 3D lights on it. Near the tree, you can have fun at the Fairytale house and Christmas Fair.

But the main reason to go to Chernivtsi for the holidays is Malanka FEST. Bukovyna is a region that nurtures an incredible mix of Ukrainian, Moldovan, and Romanian cultures. All these traditions found its way into Malanka Fest, that is held annually on January 15th. This is a colorful carnival with exclusive costumes, music, and shows. Something you won’t see anywhere else, and definitely, don’t want to miss!

WHEN: Dec 19 – Jan 15 (Malanka on January 15)

WHERE: Soborna sq.


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