9 ideas for an epic stag party in Ukraine

Whether you’re planning activities or a full tailor-made itinerary for you and the lads, Ukraine has countless unique, adventurous, hassle-free ideas …

Whether you’re planning activities or a full tailor-made itinerary for you and the lads, Ukraine has countless unique, adventurous, hassle-free ideas for your stag party you’ll be talking about far beyond the wedding. Forget Prague and Budapest, it’s time to get suited and go out on a bang!

Chernobyl Tours

Once the scene of the most infamous nuclear disasters that shook the world, the Chernobyl exclusion zone is now open for visitors – that’s if you’re brave enough to visit abandoned villages, take a walk through an eerie, radioactive forest and get up close to the exploded nuclear plant. Armed with a Geiger counter, you’ll take the 2-hour drive from Kyiv to the towns of Chernobyl and Pripyat at the heart of the 10km no-go zone. Over the course of a day, a private bus and guide will take you through towns, amusement parks, race tracks and gigantesque missile detectors where time has stood still. Just make sure you don’t touch anything- your whole body will be scanned for radiation before you can leave!

Shooting and BTR Tank Riding

For the more competitive amongst you, you can spend a full day on a military base in the countryside shooting some of the most hardcore military weapons, including a Soviet canon! After learning how these automatic and semi-automatic firearms work, you’ll have the chance to practise and really see who has the best eye! Your experience will be topped off by the chance to drive a BTR tank. You will all be able to climb aboard as the groom-to-be steers a genuine bulletproof and ballistic personnel carrier, capable of reaching speeds of up to 80km/h and weighing over 20 tonnes! You won’t get that at home!


The SHERP is known as the ultimate all-terrain drive! This truly amphibious vehicle was designed to pass with ease from the rockiest of terrain to over and even under water driving. On a full test drive, you and the lads will be able to push the vehicle to its limits- but you’ll have to try quite hard! This sturdy, yet agile beast can overcome obstacles over 1 metre high, can stay afloat in open water even with deflated tyres, can reach speeds of 40km/h- all of this with tyres so big, there is no need for any suspension!

Quad Bike Riding

It’s impossible to forget the quad bike – a stag party classic! Whether it’s your first time or you’ve done it many times, the excitement of new, forest terrain will leave your whole body pumped full of adrenaline. Travel to a forest just outside the capital to experience true mud-covered freedom, it’s one of the best ways to experience the Ukrainian countryside. Everything is provided – all you need to do is decide who you will win and who will get left behind!

Banya Sauna

You’re getting married, it’s all action! Sometimes you just need to relax- Slavic-style! However, this sauna is not all lying around… in these parts, it’s serious business! What makes this experience unique is not the idyllic log cabin setting, but rather the traditional practice of using “vinyky” – dried branches – to improve the body’s circulation. Of course, each session is followed by an ice-cold plunge. Invigorating stuff!

Bars and Pub Crawls

It may come as a surprise that we’ve made it this far without mentioning bars, pubs and beers – but Ukraine has plenty of that too! Exploring the trendiest, liveliest drinking spots the capital has to offer couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re looking for a bar crawl to have a few pints or sample local spirits or if night clubs to dance until sunrise are more your thing, we’re here to guide you in the right direction. You’ll see why Kiev is home to some of Eastern Europe’s best drinking spots and venues and you’re guaranteed to feel like a local and meet plenty of them too!

Limo Rides

Of course, it would be a shame not to see the main attractions of the capital during your stag party. But why do this on foot when you can do it in a limo? Take a luxury limo ride through the boulevards of Kiev and soak up the bright lights of the city and all of its major sights in one go. It makes for the perfect break from partying and adventurous activities or an airport transfer with a difference upon your arrival.

Mouthwatering Local and International Cuisine

You’ll be in need of sustenance to keep you going and some time around the table with friends to catch up on the night before. Ukrainian life is centred around food and Kiev is far from short of options for the foodies amongst you. Tasty, fresh dishes from Ukraine’s diverse regions, Eastern Europe and further afield await you on a restaurant tour tailored to your tastebuds. Go beyond the famous Chicken Kiev and discover a cuisine that’s as diverse and unforgettable as your stag do!

Browse all the activities and piece together your stag party in Ukraine, just as you imagined it! Have an idea we haven’t mentioned- drop us an email!

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