Getting to and around Ukraine – what’s new?

Whilst the reasons for visiting Ukraine as a foreigner are growing incessantly year upon year, the excuses for not crossing …

Whilst the reasons for visiting Ukraine as a foreigner are growing incessantly year upon year, the excuses for not crossing the Ukrainian capital, the scene of the Chernobyl site, the quaint streets of Lviv or the beaches of Odesa from your bucket list are dwindling. Far from helping you resist this temptation, the last few months have seen many new ways of getting to and around Ukraine appear, diversifying your transport options to satisfy every budget and schedule.


Over the last couple of weeks, the German international transport giant announced plans to extend their Europe-wide network of inter-city, ultra-low-budget bus routes eastwards. Already present in over 400 destinations and mightily popular in Central and Western Europe, Flixbus now connects the cities of Lviv, Rivne, Zhytomyr and Kyiv to its extensive choice of destinations in Poland and beyond. In celebration of this, the company are selling seats to and from Ukrainian destinations from €5 this summer. Direct, scheduled bus routes include Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Austria – taking you to the heart of cities such as Krakow, Vienna, Munich, Brno and Berlin as well as other cities with a connection in Poland.

Despite their often unbeatable, rulebook-destroying pricing structure, it’s always a good idea to keep your eye on the travel time. With a journey of over 24 hours from Berlin to Kyiv, the journey is not for the faint-hearted, nor for the time sensitive! However, this is synonymous for adventure for the new generation of coach travellers who take pride in going far on little cash. Well now, Ukraine is now closer than ever and expansion of this to other wonderful Ukrainian cities is certain!

Sky Up Airlines

For those who count the hours not the euros, there’s good news for you too. Sky Up Airlines is Ukraine’s only low-cost airline, freeing up the Ukrainian aviation market in 2018 with its deals between Kyiv’s second airport and European cities, Georgia and Armenia. As well as offering the modern-day flyer a new choice when travelling to Ukraine to cities such as Barcelona, Paris and Naples, Sky Up has also turned the domestic market upside down and driven prices down.

No longer restricted to the Ukrainian national airline, Ukrainians and visitors alike can now benefit from Sky Up Airlines routes between Kyiv and Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa and Zaporizhzhia. However, this is not just limited to journeys out of the capital- routes between Ukrainian cities without passing through Kyiv have tripled due to Sky Up – with Lviv beginning just this week!

A two-city tour of Ukraine over a long weekend is now even more accessible than before, with tickets from Kyiv to Lviv from €17 and from Kyiv to Odesa from €32 one-way! 


The infamous Ryanair chose Ukraine as its 36th country of operation in Europe last year. From October 2018, the low-cost airlines began 10 new routes from Kyiv and 5 new routes from Lviv, most notably to German, Polish and British cities. This was further expanded to cities in Cyprus and to Manchester in March of this year as the airline settles into its latest home.

However, it’s not stopped there! In a bid to revive Ukrainian regional airports and bring safe, cheap travel to a whole new generation of Ukrainians, Ryanair began its first connections from the Eastern city of Kharkiv and the Southern city of Odesa this week to Krakow. A great reason to celebrate for residents and visitors to both cities!

With Ryanair expanding rapidly in Ukraine in less than one year, it must be working! Yet the questions remain – where will Ryanair’s next Ukrainian airport be? Odesa and Kharkiv will see more routes – but to where? And, finally, will it be the new domestic competitor?

In any case, we’re happy it’s making getting direct to the city you want to visit much easier!

These awesome, new transport links giving you a sense of wanderlust? We’re here to help you plan a forgettable trip to Ukraine this summer. All you have to do is choose how and where you arrive!

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